Energy Management

One of the key features available on your home or business security system from Hyperion and powered by is Energy Management.  By utilizing technologies, such as emPower, which help you set up schedules for heating and cooling, lighting and even small appliances based on schedules and/or activity patterns, as well as accessing these devices and controlling them from your smartphone via mobile app.Energy Management as a benefit of Home and Business Security Systems from Hyperion

Additionally, saving energy can come with convenience, including scheduling lighting to come on/off when you’re away on vacation, ensure the outlet with the curling iron is turned off or have the lights come on when you walk in the door instead of fumbling for the switch.

All of these energy management devices connect via the reliable, convenient Z-Wave technology. Setup for energy management schedules is easily done via the web interface. Below is a quick 45 second video on some of the features you’ll find convenient and money-saving.