If you’re in Omaha, you’ve seen a lot of stories this spring on the news regarding the deluge of pop-up and out-of-state roofing contractors who have come into the area, going door-to-door, competing to redo your roof after the spring hailstorms.

News stories have come out regarding some businesses falsely positioning themselves to appear as being approved by non-existent government agencies, local marketing companies selling for out-of-state companies causing market confusion, and now stories are emerging regarding theft in Omaha neighborhoods that may be tied to the less-scrupulous businesses.

While most out-of-state firms likely do good quality and honest work to repair your home, with enough issues resulting from this situation, remember to do the following :

–          Check with the BBB. Understand who you’re working with. Many companies from out-of-state will take steps to make them appear local. The BBB can tell you if a company has been a local, established company.

–          Understand that while an out-of-state contractor may do good work, a guarantee is usually part of the equation. That company likely will not be here next year.

–          Get multiple bids and ensure you investigate the company you’ve decided on.

Hyperion understand the value of supporting local businesses as well as establishing a strong reputation. Hyperion is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, which you can view here understanding that our efforts to have strong client relationships and address any complaints are a part of our reputation. We’ve been serving Omaha area businesses and homes with security and protection systems since 1993 and encourage anybody looking at alarm systems or home automation to follow the same line of choosing who should provide a security system for your needs.

As an Omaha-based business for over 20 years, we want to see our community continue to flourish, hope crime rates will go down, but believe in our role as a team of security professionals, helping your home and business stay safe and secure.