With the recent CES Show in Las Vegas showcasing a plethora of new hardware and a recent announcement that Google had bought Nest, a maker of user-friendly programmable thermostats and a new smoke detector for $3.2 billion, it’s apparent that the speculation that Home Automation is going to be a rapidly growing market is coming true.

However, while an individual gadget here or cool feature there make for a great story or something to show your friends, when it comes to providing a Home Automation Solution that makes your family’s life easier, saves on energy and provides convenience, wouldn’t you rather trust a company who has already been an innovator in the space for years and a local provider that has given quality service and support for over 20 years and BBB A+ rated? (We’re assuming the answer is yes…)

Hyperion Integrators features home automation and home security solutions powered by Alarm.com. Alarm.com has been a leader in the home automation space, providing integrated solutions that give you both security and convenience in one solution.  So, when looking at the latest invention of the moment or what you want to utilize to help your family save energy, add convenience or be secure, ask the following questions :

– What home automation and security features do I want? For example, let’s say you wanted a thermostat that you can program and access via an iPhone app, you want to be able to remotely lock and unlock your doors and be able to check in on the family dog or when the kids get home via video. One solution would be to buy the individual hardware from the various brands out there, install it yourself. That works, but (yes, there is always a but) can it automatically sense you’re a half-mile from home, so it automatically turned down the thermostat to save energy, locked the doors when you forgot to open your app and do it and automatically pull up video when your kid gets home from school and unlocks the door? Integration is the key. Instead of having a different app for each device or having to purchase hardware to try to cobble together various apps, use the highest rates home automation and security app found on the App Store. Gain additional benefits like Smart Schedules, which tracks activity in your home, learns how long it takes for your home to heat or cool and then optimizes schedules for maximum energy savings. Geo-fences also allow you to set perimeters for when you get a certain distance from or close to home, ensuring that forgetting to lock doors or turn down the thermostat becomes a thing of the past.

– Who will provide support? Hyperion Integrators has been providing Omaha homes and businesses with quality products, service and support for over 20 years. We’re locally owned and want to ensure our customers receive the best experience we can provide. We’re BBB accredited and A+ rated. We’re here when you need us to be and work with suppliers who will strongly back their products.

– What happens in an emergency? Generally speaking, if you’re not there and you’re using a device that doesn’t have a monitoring service…nothing, other than possibly a notification on your phone. The responsibility falls on you to contact police or fire, have the local number if you’re traveling and call to have emergency. With Hyperion, we utilize a UL-Listed Monitoring service providing 24/7 support that in case of an alarm will call emergency services and provide the information quickly and efficiently. If video backs up an intruder or fire in the house, emergency services will respond quickly with that information.

While Home Automation is a rapidly-growing market, Hyperion can say “been here and we’ll keep doing that”, providing trusted solutions for home and business.