Home Automation Garage Door ControlWhen most people think of home automation, the first ideas that come to mind are controlling the thermostat or dimming the lights. However, the core of home automation isn’t just a few conveniences, it’s taking multiple elements of your home and being able to easily manage them for greater efficiency, be aware of their status and ensure that your home is more secure.

One of these elements is your garage door. While this may seem simple and you already have your standard garage door opener, with an integrated solution from Hyperion powered by Alarm.com, your garage door can be controlled by the app on your phone and provide the following advantages :

-Automatically close the garage door when the security system is armed
-Receive notifications if the garage door has been left open or check in anytime to know if it is open or closed
-Use the Alarm.com mobile app to open or close the garage door from anywhere in the world
-Safety alert features audible sound and flashing light when garage door is being controlled remotely
These features provide the benefits of knowing if somebody is trying to unlawfully enter your home via codegrabbing and opening your garage door. As well, if you’re away from home or on vacation, you could let a service person in through the garage door for repairs or let a neighbor in to check on the house easily. With MyQ system integrated into your system powered by Alarm.com, you gain an additional level of safety and control along with having all your home features controlled from an app on your phone, tablet or computer.
Additionally, with the Universal GarageDoor Control Solution using the LiftMaster MyQ platform, exclusive to systems powered by Alarm.com, you can control garage doors from the following brands :
-LiftMasterHome Automation Garage Door Liftmaster MyQ
-Master Mechanic
-True Value
-Wayne Dalton
To learn more about this innovative feature that makes for Smarter Living, contact us at Hyperion so we can discuss a solution that meets your lifestyle and budget.