Home Security for the HolidaysThe Holidays are almost upon us and, as the song goes, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Many of you will be traveling to spend time with family and friends, leaving your home a potential target for break-ins and robbery. While we all wish this type of “bah humbug” crime didn’t exist because of the heartbreak it causes, there are some simple tips to minimize your potential for being a victim.

Home Security Tips for the Holidays:

–          Look like you’re home – Now, we’re not saying pull the “Home Alone” house party stunt, but simple steps like interior lights on timers and motion lights provide an indication that somebody may be home. With a home security and automation solution from Hyperion, these schedules can be easily established in advance or remotely. Have a neighbor pick up your mail and/or your newspapers. Visibility of stacked papers is one of the clearest indicators nobody has been home for an extended period.

–          Make it harder for criminals – as beautiful as it is, putting the tree by an exterior picture window is an easy target for a “smash and grab” where a criminal can just access or break the window, grab gifts and be gone before you know it. Also, prevent easy access to your home if you’ll be gone by having a wooden or metal rod for sliding windows or glass doors to prevent a latch style lock from being the only hindrance to entry.

–          Keep your travels between family and friends – criminals increasingly troll for victims using both social media and phones.  If your privacy settings are wide open, telling everybody you’re off seeing your family and won’t be back for 2 weeks or your holiday ski vacation in Colorado, anybody can discover you’re not going to be home tonight. As well, changing your voicemail at home to say that you won’t be home until next week is another clear indicator.

The holidays are supposed to be joyous times, memories shared with friends and family. Take some simple steps to make sure this holiday season isn’t memorable for the wrong reasons. Want to know more ways to secure your home? Contact us at Hyperion where we secure Omaha.