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Security Systems for Small Business

Hyperion Integrators provides Customized Confidence and Unparalleled Protection for all types of businesses. Our experienced team of consultants, designers and installers understands the need for total protection in your solution, so we provide leading edge solutions for security systems in the following areas:

Comprehensive Systems

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Security Systems for Small Business
Alarm systems are the core of any security system for your business. Ensuring that each potential point of entry is secured against unwanted entry and providing rapid alerts in the event of a crime.

Hyperion Integrators alarm systems are designed to protect your business from break-ins, unauthorized entry, internal theft and other costly issues. Learn More

Commercial fire systems can help save lives and reduce the losses that might be experienced in a fire. Hyperion Integrators has the expertise to protect your property and employees. Our knowledgeable team will design and install your fire system using state-of-the-art equipment which provides protection 24 hours a day from our UL-Listed central monitoring station. Learn More

Video Surveillance for Security Systems

Whether it’s providing complete in-store and gas pump surveillance at a convenience store, monitoring employees and customers at an active cash register or protecting assets from warehouses of merchandise to grain stored in silos, video surveillance has become an essential part of commercial security systems.

Hyperion Integrators offers an array of video surveillance solutions using advanced analog and IP based technologies.  Learn More

Access Control for Security Systems

An electronic access control system restricts and tracks access to a property, building or room. Hyperion Integrators installs access control products in any size facility including apartment complexes, gated communities, condominium buildings, office buildings, factories and industrial sites. Learn More

Voice and Data Cabling for Security Systems

Installing the right voice and data wiring solution is an integral part of any business networking system. Hyperion Integrators will work with you to implement a voice and data cabling solution that integrates with your network to enable synergy with your network and security system. Your cabling infrastructure needs to meet your current network demands and allow for future expansion. Learn More

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