Business Security System Features and Benefits

Security Systems for Business
Security systems are a necessary part of safeguarding your business, lowering insurance costs, as well as monitoring employees and customers. Technology continues to evolve and features found in systems today may not have been possible even a few years ago. At Hyperion, we understand your business is unique – location, type of business, security concerns and business objectives. Your business deserves nothing less than the Customized Confidence and Unparalleled Protection that Hyperion provides:

Features and Benefits

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Interactive Security Systems for Business
Interactive Security allows you visibility and control of your security system from anywhere. Watch multiple cameras within your store to ensure employee productivity or avoid theft. Confirm that your business was opened on time and that the doors and exit points were locked and the system armed by your closers. Additional features could be turning off inside lights at a specific time or even maximizing your business energy budget by controlling HVAC. Receive standard and emergency notifications on your smart phone, tablet or access via a web browser. 

Video Surveillance for Security Systems
Video Surveillance is an integral feature of business security. Hyperion features the best quality analog, IP and wireless cameras along with the servers and technology available from a variety of manufacturers to meet your business needs and budget. If it’s monitoring a cash register, capturing license plate numbers, or having an IP mapping solution for large facilities, Hyperion’s security consultants will help you decide on the right mix of video quality, video storage and control needed in developing your customized solution. Video can be one of the more complex elements of security systems and with our experience with Omaha businesses, we will help develop what is right for your business.

Wireless Advantages for Security Systems

Wireless is everywhere. As individuals, we’re latched to our cell phones and wi-fi comes with a cup of coffee. The reasons for utilizing wireless are simple – reliability and flexibility. By utilizing both wireless networks and cellular communications, cables cannot be cut to eliminate alerts and cellular communications can keep your security system functional, even without power. Wireless allows sensors, alarms and cameras to be mounted more conveniently without the hassle and expense of cabling. Along with the increased speed and quality found in IP devices, such as video cameras, these technologies can provide the backbone to your business security system.

Alerts, Detection and Monitoring for Security Systems

Your business security system is only as good as the quality and reliability of the monitoring service. If an alarm goes off and nobody responds, it’s no different than a tree falling in the woods, the sound may or may not have happened. Either way, if nobody responds to your alarm, your investment was a waste. Hyperion backs their security systems with our UL-Listed monitoring partner WHIRC who is there for you 24/7/365. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has been a beacon of establishing quality standards and testing, and we’re confident that our monitoring service will provide the right response at the right time.

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