Integrated Solutions

Your Business has Unique Security System Needs. Hyperion Provides Customized Confidence, Unparalleled Protection.

Security Systems for Agriculture


Providing security systems for grain elevators and farms, we know the high value of equipment, crops and livestock. Security for your chemicals is important. Hyperion secures some of the Omaha area’s largest agriculture organizations like AGP and family farms alike. Learn how total protection is important to your ag business.

Security Systems for Industrial Applications

Commercial and Industrial

Omaha has big commercial and manufacturing operations. These larger operations, like Griffin Pipe require both security and safety. Hyperion provides consulting and planning for security systems that includes access control, video surveillance, security, burglar and fire alarm systems and has the experience to ensure confidence.

Security Systems for Schools and Colleges


The security of children and college students is always important. Controlling access to specific areas, video surveillance to ensure safety. Hyperion has worked with many area schools and colleges including Bellevue University, and we understand the high standard and evolving security needs of educational institutions.

Access Control and Security Systems for Apartments

Real Estate and Multi-Family

As a real estate developer or property manager, the security of your tenants, their belongings and your facility in your multi-family property is important. Hyperion provides integrated access control systems, fire systems, surveillance and security systems to provide total protection.

Security Systems and Access Control for Retail

Retail and Convenience Stores

Your company thrives on more people coming in the door. However, this increases the need to ensure security and safety from all angles. Customers and employees alike need to be both safe as well as monitored. Controlling and securing retail is a challenge Hyperion can meet.

Smart and Efficient Security for Small Business

Small Business

Small businesses are all unique and so are your security needs. Hyperion has systems to ensure that allow you to remotely manage and monitor. This allows you to know your closer locked the door, or you can watch video of your till and adjust the HVAC to ensure your utility budget is reduced.

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