Real Estate Security Systems

Protecting property and residents.

Security Systems for Apartments, Real Estate and Multi-Family

Apartment complexes, office buildings, strip malls and storage facilities – all these facilities have a need for total protection. Protecting assets, residents and tenants increases the potential revenue on your property, reduces insurance costs and provides peace of mind for everybody. Additionally, a well-secured facility helps attract and retain tenants for a longer tenure, increasing the value of your property.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Security Systems

Video surveillance gives visibility of all areas for improved safety. Monitor parking facilities, shared facilities and other entry points. Provide protection for your assets and the assets of your tenants.

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Access Control

Access Control Security Systems

Access control helps you secure an apartment pool with a key card, secure maintenance equipment or ensure entry points are secure for tenants and guests.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire safety is where a compromise can never be made, and having a system work with your security and access control is paramount.

Fire Alarm Systems

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