Energy Management

Energy Management for Your Home

Maximizing your family (or your business) budget is always important and everybody looks to live a more energy efficient and green lifestyle. Home automation and energy management can provide a number of advantages including having your home automatically recognize when you’ve left to turn down the HVAC use or know when you’re close to returning, so when you walk in, your home is comfortable without wasting energy during the day. Or if your system knows that you typically are gone until 7:30pm every Wednesday, it won’t schedule the house to be comfortable until that time. Seems amazing – yes, but it’s very simple and easy to control with much happening behind the scenes that you’ll never have to worry about.

One of the features of your customized security system by Hyperion powered by is Energy Management. has led the way in home automation and the available features provide energy savings and a more efficient lifestyle. Shown below are select one minute videos about energy management features that maximize your savings including Smart Schedules, the Energy Savings estimator, Remote Access and Geo-Services.

These features allow your system to “learn” when activity typically occurs in your home so that it knows when to keep the temperature comfortable when your home and minimize energy use when you’re away. Additionally, the system can test to figure out how long it takes for your house to cool down or warm up, so it knows if you’re 2 miles from home, it’s time to make your house cozy.

It’s Simple. Provide safety for your family and energy management and saving up to 15%* on your utility bills. With systems powered by for your home or business, you get more than just security, you’re living smarter.

Remote Access for Energy Management.

Geo-Services Thermostat Control

Smart Schedules

Energy Savings Estimator

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