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Security Systems for Home
Security systems have evolved to become an integral part of your lifestyle. Today’s security system provides interactive alerts and management, allowing visibility and control from anywhere via smartphone or computer. Your system can instantly arm when you are a certain distance from home, provide updates when your kids get home from school and adjust the thermostat to save money on energy expenses. Shown below are some of the features and benefits of a security system by Hyperion:

Features and Benefits

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Interactive Security Systems for Home
Interactive Security allows you visibility and control of your security system from anywhere. Watch live video to ensure you know who is inside your home, receive alerts when the kids are home from school, control lights and thermostats to have your home ready when you get there. These are just a few of the benefits Interactive Security that systems powered by Alarm.com provides. Learn More

Video Surveillance for Security Systems
Video Surveillance provides visibility of your home 24/7 – at work, at home, traveling for business or pleasure. Having the ability to check on your pets during the day, ensure the kids are safe after school or to check on your home while you’re away on a business trip with systems powered by Alarm.com provides peace of mind as well as security. Learn More

Energy Savings with Security System

Living a green lifestyle as well as reducing your energy expenses is important. Your security system can feature home automation technology powered by EmPower® by Alarm.com that allows you to adjust your heating/cooling to conserve energy when you’re not home and your system can learn activity schedules to optimize and program your thermostat for maximum efficiency.  Learn More

Wireless Advantages for Security Systems

A wireless security system provides tremendous benefits. From having a remote wireless panic button that can provide emergency needs for elderly people to convenient placement of panels and cameras, wireless provides constant security.  Learn More

Alerts, Detection and Monitoring for Security Systems

Your security system from Hyperion can provide emergency and non-emergency alerts to you anywhere, anytime. Our technology will send notification to police if somebody tries to break a sensor and our UL-Listed monitoring partner WHIRC is there for you 24/7/365. Learn More


When driving up to your home at night, turn the lights on. Have dinner start cooking so it’s ready when you get home. Automation and Control powered by Alarm.com provides elements to your home to make life more convenient. Learn More

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