Smart Solutions

Security Systems for Your Family and Your Home

Your family wants to live smart. Secure, energy efficient, in control. Hyperion can help.

Security Systems for Home

Security Solutions

Your family wants security. Security from unwanted intruders, awareness of your child trying to get into a medicine cabinet, or the lights on as you pull into your driveway. Security has a variety of meanings to each family and Hyperion understands how important that is. Find out how our customized solutions can give your family unparalleled confidence.

Energy Saving Solutions for Home

Energy Saving Solutions

Living Green isn’t just better for the environment, it’s better for the family budget. Hyperion systems allow you to adjust your thermostat from anywhere and can utilize patterns of activity to help create schedules to maximize HVAC efficiency while leaving you comfortable in your home. Control lights and small appliances for convenience and cost savings.

Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Solutions

We look for ways to make our life more convenient and provide more control. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer with your Hyperion system to control lights or small appliances remotely or inside the home. Dim the lights or turn them on as you’re pulling up to your home. A little extra control can add both comfort and security.

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