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Video Surveillance In Education

In addition to a learning environment, the most important thing about children being in schools is that the educational setting should be a safe one. Safeguarding students and staff is a paramount concern for all schools today. Having a video… read more

Home Automation and Your Garage Door

When most people think of home automation, the first ideas that come to mind are controlling the thermostat or dimming the lights. However, the core of home automation isn’t just a few conveniences, it’s taking multiple elements of your home and being… read more

The Home Automation Craze

The Home Automation Craze

With the recent CES Show in Las Vegas showcasing a plethora of new hardware and a recent announcement that Google had bought Nest, a maker of user-friendly programmable thermostats and a new smoke detector for $3.2 billion, it’s apparent that t… read more

Home Security Tips for the Holidays

The Holidays are almost upon us and, as the song goes, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Many of you will be traveling to spend time with family and friends, leaving your home a potential target for break-ins and robbery. While we all wis… read more

Energy Management and Changing Seasons

Energy Management and Changing Seasons

Keep your Energy Bill in check with emPower® energy management Waking up in Omaha this morning, the temperature sat right at the temperature that lets you know the seasons have changed – 32 F, 0 C. But with temperatures all over the thermometer, busy… read more

Yes, There is Only One

Yes, There is Only One

The Better Business Bureau has been a long standing beacon in ensuring businesses earn their trust in the community by providing an impartial view of quality service and resolving issues. Recently, in the Omaha World-Herald’s Metro Guide, the BBB… read more

Hyperion Named Top 10 Vivotek Dealer

  Hyperion Named Top 10 Vivotek Dealer, a leader in Video Surveillance Hyperion Integrators is proud to announce being named one of the Top 10 deals for Vivotek in the nation. Vivotek is one of our core partners and providers of video surveillanc… read more

How Burglars Use Social Media

Social Media has changed the way we all communicate. Unfortunately, it has also changed the way crime and burglars operate. Now, we check in at the airport on Foursquare, post vacation photos in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and tweet that we’r… read more

Small Business Security Self Audit Questions

One of the first steps a small business looks toward in protecting their business is a security system. It seems straight forward – control the locks, motion sensors, video surveillance and you’re set. Add in the feature of interactive security… read more

Security and Home Automation – Garage Doors

Garage Doors With your security system from Hyperion, powered by, your home gets connected in ways that other systems just can’t offer. One of the optional features integrates remote control, alerts and automated closing for your garage doors. read more

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