An IP security camera offers many benefits compared to a traditional analog camera. An IP security camera produces better images, higher resolution and has more flexibility than analog cameras. And that’s just for starters.

Because IP cameras store the images they capture on a server, users can e-mail video images to anyone in the organization for further consultation. With old analog cameras, security staff is forced to watch a wall of monitors to determine if a security breach is occurring. It doesn’t take long for attention to wane when staring at a wall of monitors — a factor that can quickly compromise a security system.

With analytics, an IP security camera can be programmed to watch for suspicious activity. A camera on an air intake, for example, can be programmed to display an alert and record video only when the space around the intake is disturbed. This not only weeds out the hours of useless video, but it improves productivity and alertness of security staff.

Unsurprisingly, in a large organization with many facilities, insurance companies prefer or demand the use of IP security cameras. It is not uncommon for large organizations to expect the same level of security throughout the company.

But the benefits come with a cost. One of the biggest concerns many managers have is whether the backbone of their network can handle the large increase in bandwidth required. But many managers realize that operational benefits of an integrated IP system can justify the investment to make sure the backbone can handle the added bandwidth.

As the amount of data grows, managers have begun storing data in offsite locations managed by companies specializing in data storage. This tactic might seem strange to managers who have used analog systems, which require information onsite.

Some managers initially are wary about the cost of an integrated IP system, but they have become less apprehensive about its cost because of the operational savings it can provide. For new construction, the systems generally are not as cost-prohibitive as they would be for a renovation.

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing a video surveillance solution for your business. Budget, image quality, business needs, storage needs. While this article provided a brief overview of some discussion points, Hyperion can discuss your specific situation and develop a solution that meets your needs. Video surveillance is an important part of any total protection solution.

Source: Amy Raber,