One of the innovations to security systems is the addition of affordable home automation solutions. Some of the available features include thermostats that are able to be controlled via your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows Phone or Blackberry) so you can remotely turn down the heat if you’re away for the weekend or warm your home back up before your return. Additionally, the thermostat can be programmed based on activity patterns learned from the security system. If you’re always away Wednesday nights for a meeting or sports practice, the system can provide you visual awareness and you can adjust your thermostat schedule to save utility costs.

With the latest update to Hyperion’s Geo-Services offering, you can now use your location as a trigger for your system to make automatic adjustments to the thermostat(s). For example, you can now set the thermostat(s) to automatically adjust to an energy saving temperature when leaving home, and to adjust to a more comfortable setting when you are on your way back home.

With Geo-services, simply create a “geo-fence” and then add personalized automation and notifications rules based on their phone’s location. This can be enabled on your iPhone or Android phone via the mobile app, and create a rule that adjusts the thermostat when entering or exiting a pre-defined geo-fence around your home.

In addition to controlling the thermostat, other features include controlling the lights and other small appliances for both security and convenience.

The obvious question – “How much can it save me?” While the results will vary based on your individual situation – how well your home is insulated or how you utilize the programmable schedule, but an approximate savings of 15% is a reasonable expectation.

While there are many other elements to living smart and conserving energy, utilizing technology to save during the cold winter and hot summer months can directly affect the amount paid to the utility company.

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