June is National Safety Month and while the kids are out of school, vacation is starting, everyone looking to enjoy the sunshine, here are a few summer home safety tips.

Put a lid on it – bicycling is one of the biggest summer activities and regardless of distance, wear a helmet. Skateboarding, too! Keep safe in low speed crashes and impacts. When getting bikes out of the garage, make sure you close the garage door once you’re outside to keep your home secure.  If you’re heading out to ride as a family, lock the doors or arm your security system.

Beat the heathydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Have a water bottle handy and plan on consuming a minimum of 8 oz for every 30 minutes of activity, but keep drinking, even if you’re just lounging by the pool. Apply sunblock (at least SPF 30) when headed outside and reapply every 2 hours if you’re out for the big music festival or day on the lake. Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and keep cool.

Outdoor Friends – It’s Nebraska. We have bugs. Ensure you’re using some mosquito repellant (ensure you’re using one safe for kids, check warnings) and if you’re wandering through the woods or by the river, the ticks are in full force. When you’re back inside, check hair, sock lines, and other warmer parts of the body and remove safely.

Don’t Broadcast your Vacation – While there are few other things we would say “learn from Paris Hilton” about, this is one of them that is now the subject of an upcoming film. Telling the world via social media you’re on vacation lets criminals know you’re not there. If you must post, do so where privacy – such as posting to Facebook friends only – can be somewhat maintained. Paris has also upgraded her video surveillance, so we’ll go with two things you can learn from Ms. Hilton.

Hyperion wants to ensure your family is safe and secure. Home Security Systems can prevent, detect and avoid safety and security issues, but following some simple guidelines and keeping your family healthy helps as well.