No, the Z-Wave isn’t some mysterious surfing legend…but it allows you to surf through your home wirelessly, providing the technology that many home automation and security systems to be convenient, reliable and connected. Z-Wave allows you to remotely control applications such as lighting, home access control, entertainment systems, security systems and household appliances.

Z-Wave Wireless Communication for Home Security and Home Automation

Z-Wave Devices throughout your home

Z-Wave Overview

Z-Wave communicates using a low-power wireless technology designed specifically for remote control applications. This wireless protocol is optimized for reliable, low-latency communication with small data packets. Unlike Wi-Fi and other wireless LAN systems that are designed primarily for high-bandwidth data flow. Additionally, it operates in the frequency range that avoids interference with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other systems that operate on the crowded 2.4 GHz band and is designed to be easily embedded in consumer electronics products, including battery operated devices such as remote controls, smoke alarms and security sensors.
Z-Wave utilizes a network and can begin with a single controllable device, such as a lighting dimmer and a controller, like a security control panel. Additional devices can be added at any time, as can multiple controllers, including traditional hand-held controllers, key-fob controllers, wall-switch controllers and PC applications designed for management and control of a Z-Wave network.

Is this technology reliable and well accepted?
In a word, yes. Here are some facts on where you’ll find Z-Wave devices and technology
• Over 700 interoperable products available, 12 million products worldwide.
• Extensively used in residential and light commercial systems including, DSC, GE/Interlogics, Honeywell, and other prominent service providers worldwide.
• Found in thousands of hotels, cruise ships, and vacation rentals; including 65,000 devices in the flagship Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
• Actively supported by over 160 manufacturers and service providers throughout the world.

Z-Wave Security Sensors, Control Panel, Controller

Z-Wave Security Products

Sounds Cool. Is it in the Home Automation and Security Systems you provide?
Funny you should ask. With our wireless systems for home and business powered by and other manufacturers like Honeywell, security and home automation are driven by Z-Wave. Some of the products include the Go! Control security control panel, wireless keypad, Z-Wave motion and image sensors for doors and windows, Z-Wave locks from Kwikset and Yale, GE Z-Wave outlet/lighting controls and dimmer switches, the CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat and more.

OK. If I really wanted to know a lot more about Z-Wave, where would I go? and would be great starts to get the complete story.