When you think of your family’s security or what a security system means to you, what do you think of? Do you think about sensors on doors and windows in case an unwelcome intruder tries to enter your home? Or do you think of being able to sit on your couch downstairs and check the video camera in your newborn’s room on your iPad?

As security systems have evolved, what security means to you should evolve as well. At Hyperion, we know your situation and needs are unique and we have solutions for your lifestyle.

If you’re a parent, what security means when it comes to your children evolves over time. Once they’ve grown out of being a newborn, kids start moving around and exploring. Having sensors on the doors for medicine cabinets and where cleaning supplies are stored can allow you to receive a text alert on your phone if prying little fingers try to get in. A little bit older, children want to go outside for any variety of reasons. Maybe they forgot their ball in the backyard, maybe they saw a cute bunny. Regardless of the reason, receiving a non-emergency text message that the back door was opened can provide peace of mind. As they grow into teens, returning home from school while you’re at work, you can receive an alert when they open the front door so you know that they came home instead of going somewhere they weren’t supposed to as well as check video to ensure who is with them.

While the underlying purpose of a security system will always be securing your home from invasion, other purposes, including providing safety and security for the most important piece of your life, your children, is just as important.