The Official Start of Summer is only a few weeks away, but the outdoor activities and vacation season have already started. When this happens, people are going in and out of the house more frequently, kids are getting their bikes out of the garage, lawn mowers are retrieved from the shed. When thinking about the safety of your home, family and security of your belongings, there are some simple rules to keep in mind.

Home Security Tips for Summer1. When you leave, even for just a while, close it. It seems simple, but an ‘open invitation’ to theft is by leaving screen doors or garage doors open. If the kids go for a bike ride and leave via the garage, close the garage door behind them. Allowing a potential thief to scan the contents of your garage provides opportunity for immediate theft or identifying you as a potential target. Don’t leave the patio door open when you and the kids go to the park or for a walk. Close it, lock it. It’s not that thieves are more active in the summer, they’re just provided more opportunity.
2. Get to know your neighbors. It’s good to know your neighbors anyway and help build a sense of community. However, neighbors are likely to notice any unusual activity around your home or can handle tasks like retrieving your mail while you’re gone, avoiding the presence to potential thieves that you aren’t around.
3. Make sure it gets put away. Summer activities many times have items that get taken outside and many times are easy to forget to put away. The kids laid their bike by the sidewalk, the mower needed to cool down and be cleaned, or other items could be left out. Do a quick sweep of the yard every day to ensure that everything gets put back into their proper place.

Of course, a home security system is a tremendous resource and defense. Being able to check in on your home while you’re on vacation, set individual lock codes so that neighbors can drop off the mail, set the thermostat to save energy while you’re gone, cooling when you return and receiving alerts if something unexpected has occurred are just a few advantages. Enjoy the sun and stay safe!