Home Security can help in almost any scenario, even those you wouldn’t expect. Let’s say it’s Saturday evening and you’re out of your normal routine due to throwing a football party at your home. Your car is parked in the street to make more room on the driveway for guests. The front door is unlocked to allow easy access as everyone arrives. The back door is open for the kids playing outside. All the windows are cracked to let in the cool fall breeze.

A little after 11p.m. the game ends, you’re tired and ready for bed. You know you locked the front door, you’re pretty sure you locked the back door and shut the garage. The car is still in the street but you’ll move it first thing in the morning and you decided to leave the windows open to the night breeze. After all, you live in a safe neighborhood so what’s there to worry about?

Without realizing it, you’ve just given yourself the opportunity to be a victim because your guard is down and you don’t have the tools at your fingertips to ensure you’ll go through the night without an unexpected guest, a burglar. Thieves scour neighborhoods searching for opportunities to make their burglary easier. If your car is left unlocked and you’re garage door opener is located in your vehicle, it’s pay day for your new burglar.

An inspector from a neighborhood policing team said, “We know that around one in three burglaries happen because of an insecurity – a window left open, a door left unlocked and thieves will hunt for this.” He encourages everyone to lock it or lose it.

The Solution »
Hyperion’s new alarm system has superior wireless security technology and advanced mobile and web features. The system will send you instant notifications when doors, windows, or other dangerous areas, such as a gun cabinet, are opened. Using just your computer, tablet, cell phone or smartphone, you can have complete control over your alarm system, lighting, thermostat and automatic schedules.

Already have a system wired into your home? No problem, Hyperion can utilize your existing alarm sensors while converting to a new wireless system that you can customize with additional add-ons.

When it’s late at night you’ll no longer have to hope your home is secure because you’re too tired to check every door. All the answers you’ll need about the status of your home will be right at your fingertips. Go interactive and keep your home secure.