8,700 locations in the Omaha area remained without power as of 9:20am Friday morning, down from 41,000 at the peak of Thursday’s blizzard. Hyperion offers a superior wireless security option when it comes to providing homeowners with the peace of mind that their homes can remain safe, secure, and connected at all times, even when the power goes out.

Traditional wired home security systems expose the consumer to significant vulnerabilities associated with the power grid, phone lines, or Internet connections. That means whenever there’s a line cut or power outage a wired system becomes inoperable. Wireless security systems are not vulnerable to such scenarios and also have battery-power back-up that continues to keep the home secure even when the power is out for up to two days. Not only are wireless systems resistant to the elements or even savvy criminals cutting phone and power lines, the systems also protect against “crash and smash attacks” and are able to still alert Hyperion Integrators even if the security panel is damaged or destroyed.